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Culture of Support

“I am currently a Utilities Coordinator with MMM Group Limited (MMM) working out of the Metrolinx office as part of MMM’s Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit joint venture. ‘The Crosstown’ is part of an $8 Billion government investment, making it one of the largest, most ambitious infrastructure projects in North America. I have been with MMM for two and half years; one and a half years as a full-time employee, and one year collectively as a co-op student in Municipal Engineering and Water Resources Engineering. Studying at the University of Waterloo provided excellent opportunities to work in different industries for six terms. This allowed me to explore each unique field of Civil & Environmental Engineering and make an informed decision about the type of career I want to pursue post-graduation. After much reflection, I concluded that my time at MMM was exceptionally fruitful, and it is where I want to shape my career. My career at MMM has been evolving rapidly, and has been filled with many excellent opportunities. I commenced as a Designer EIT in Urban Development working with clients in commercial and residential sector. Just over a year later, you now find me in the rail industry on a public-private-partnership project. Although I worked alongside industry experts on high-profile and challenging projects at every firm, I realized that MMM was different. What differentiates MMM Group is the culture and the people. It is the culture encompassing people who are ready to share knowledge, help you grow, and provide mentorship. As a visionary individual, I am engulfed with a lot of energy and ideas, and am constantly seeking to step above and beyond my daily responsibilities. At MMM, I was immediately matched with supportive, encouraging, and resourceful management. This persuaded me to commit to MMM as an organization where I can establish myself as a future industry leader in engineering.”

~Poroshat Damavandi-Asli, EIT, Urban Development

Continued Dedication and Excellence

Continued Dedication and Excellence

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the innovative engineering and management solutions that MMM Group has consistently provided to Trinity Development Group Inc. Trinity has worked with MMM on numerous complex land developments over an eight year period. In that time, Mr. Joe Sframeli and the multidisciplinary team at MMM have proven repeatedly that they are among the best in the business. We continue to rely on MMM for a wide variety of services including, concept design, feasibility studies, detailed engineering, tender, contract administration, site servicing, and geomatics. MMM’s work has always been timely, demonstrating the firm’s decades of experience, commitment to innovation, economic responsibility, and to client satisfaction. Thanks to our longstanding relationship, we are assured that we are getting best-in-class engineering services when we bring MMM on board. We appreciate the company’s integrity in addition to the dedication and excellence they continue to bring to our projects.”

~Brad Caco, Senior Director, Development, Trinity Development Group Inc.

From MMM to Metrolinx with Jamie Bennett

Jamie Bennett
Manager of Permits & Approvals, Metrolinx

MMM Group (MMM) is a member of 4Transit Joint Venture, which has been awarded the Transit Expansion Department (TED) Program Management Services contract by Metrolinx. Services provided by 4Transit are for a 10-year period, commencing November 2008. There are over 60 MMM Group employees currently directly working on the Metrolinx LRT program, as part of a team of nearly 150 consultant employees managed by MMM staff.

Jamie leads the Permits and Approvals group, representing Metrolinx in its dealings with the City of Toronto.


“Working for Enermodal is a dream job for so many reasons. It’s not uncommon to encounter a cluster of people passionately discussing the merits of the newest ‘green technology’ or debating the environmental impact of their morning commute – whether by car or by canoe. Being surrounded by people who truly care about their work is inspiring and provides a sense of camaraderie that is rare to find in the workplace.”

~Christianne Aussant, Manager – Alberta, Sustainability

Openness between Client and Consultant

Openness between Client and Consultant

“The Regional Assembly were extremely satisfied with the quality of the product delivered. The evidence collected, from a transport agnostic viewpoint, was well received and thought provoking. The final report was produced on time and to budget, and achieved a high level of “buy-in” from stakeholders, offers, politicians and government officials. There were many positives, which included professionalism, knowledge, co-operation, leadership, good value for money, innovation and good interpersonal skills. The good quality work was the product of openness between client and consultant that ensured that any emerging issues were resolved in advance of them becoming significant obstacles.”

~Tim Bellamy, Regional Transport Officer, East of England Regional Assembly | East of England DaSTS Study

An Inspiring Message

An Inspiring Message

“George Hazel’s presentation was inspiring for fostering change management in the improvement of public transit. His key message was for transit agencies to be more forward thinking and cohesive with their customers, and partner with others to provide incentives for increased transit use. Giving transit and active transportation priority over other modes was prominent. He laced his presentation with many real examples of how it has been done, many of which he was personally involved with. He appears to not only believe in Big Move, but lives it.”

~Trevor Anderson, Transport Planner, Metrolinx | CUTA Annual Conference: Vision 2040

Great Locations

“There are so many great reasons to work at Enermodal, but for me, the office locations and work flexibility really make it a pleasure to come into the office each day. Working in the Toronto office gives me the opportunity to take a refreshing jog along the Toronto Waterfront Trail over lunch, or a stroll down Queen Street or through China Town for a coffee break. I’m still amazed by the energy and culture I am exposed to on a daily basis here in the heart of Toronto.”

~Mike Edwards, Specialist, Commissioning

Opportunity to Travel

“One of the advantages of working at Enermodal is the opportunity to travel to different job sites all over Canada. I’ve gotten to hold sustainability meetings and conduct site visits in places from Halton Hills to Kingston to Calgary. I enjoy meeting people from all over the country that have an interest in sustainability and designing better buildings.”

~Stephanie Klages, Project Specialist, Sustainability

Really Impressed

Really Impressed

“We were able to flesh out the level of engagement they’re going to be bringing to the planning process and that’s what really impressed us … We’re getting to a place where we’re talking about and planning out what the future holds for this city and where we want to go. And they’re the people we felt could do the best job.”

~Kevin Jolly, Committee Chair, Trail Downtown Opportunities & Action Committee | Trail Action Plan

From MMM to Metrolinx with Monica Vacca

Monica Vacca
Utilities Coordinator, Metrolinx

MMM Group (MMM) is a member of 4Transit Joint Venture, which has been awarded the Transit Expansion Department (TED) Program Management Services contract by Metrolinx. Services provided by 4Transit are for a 10-year period, commencing November 2008. There are over 60 MMM Group employees currently directly working on the Metrolinx LRT program, as part of a team of nearly 150 consultant employees managed by MMM staff.

Monica is a member of the Utilities team which has the unique responsibility of clearing over 90 km of utilities in the next couple of years to make way for construction.

Staying the Course

“Congratulations to all of you for some five years plus of work on our new OP and zoning bylaw…Everyone should be proud of the documents that you have created for the Town to guide it’s land use decisions into the future. I know the countless hours that have gone into the projects both from MMM and our own planning staff. Thank you for staying the course and seeing these documents through to the end. Everyone’s professionalism and dedication is greatly appreciated by the Council and ratepayers of Lakeshore. Great job and thank you.”

~Lee Holling, Director of Community & Development Services | Town of Lakeshore Official Plan

Front Lines of Change

“I like working in a dynamic, progressive field. Each new project is pushing the industry forward in some way and breaking through traditional ways of thinking. It is exciting to be on the front lines of change.”

~Cindy MacCormack, Project Principal, Sustainability

Ground Breaking & Outstanding

Ground Breaking & Outstanding

The client noted that the plan provides “excellent opportunities for future grants due to this ground breaking partnership,” and that MMM’s “leadership in the field of Active Transportation truly helped to make our Active Transportation Plan outstanding.”

~Andrew Goldie, Chair of the Wellington County Active Transportation Steering Committee and Chief Administrative Officer for the Township of Centre Wellington | Wellington County Active Transportation Plan

Significant Efforts

“Canadian Guide for Greener Roads &  Synthesis of Environmental Management Practices for Highway Construction were significant efforts and involved quite a bit of communication and collaboration between the project steering committees and consultants. I just wanted to send a brief note to say that I enjoyed working with Clark Gunter and Tyler Plante on these projects. I found them quite responsive to the project steering committees’ requests and suggestions. They kept me well informed of their progress and we had a very good working relationship all along. Clark was a very busy person this April and October at the TAC spring and fall meetings, delivering multiple presentations effectively to project steering committees, standing committees and councils. I just wanted to thank them and Ecoplans in general for your hard work and cooperation.”

~Katrina Cvetkovic, Program Manager, Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) | Canadian Guide for Greener Roads & Synthesis of Environmental Management Practices for Highway Construction, Operations and Maintenance

Truly Invaluable

“You have truly been the rock on which this effort has been founded…Your wealth of experience and willingness to share that experience, your calm under fire, your positiveness and professionalism have been truly invaluable.”

~Dr. L. McCoomb, VP Planning & Development, GTAA

Hard Work and Dedication

“We have received confirmation that [Strathcona Community Centre has] achieved LEED Gold certification. Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and dedication. I would like to specifically thank Punam Grewal from Enermodal Engineering, a member of MMM Group for all her hard work herding everyone to get the required information and seeing certification through to the end. Without her, this would not have been possible.”

~Colin Roggeveen, P.Eng
Senior Project Manager, Strathcona County